Training a new employee

GENERAL NEWS 14 | 02 | 20

Hiring a new employee can interrupt the daily workplace routine while they need a little extra attention and help and learn how things work. Here are some ways you can make the training period more successful…

Onboard before the start date
It is likely that new employees will feel more comfortable and perform better if they are prepared for their first day on the job. New employees often worry about things like what they should wear or where they should go and are reluctant to already be asking trivial questions. To ease them into the workplace, you can send an email prior to their start date that outlines:

  • The start time.
  • Locations.
  • Parking details.
  • Dress code.
  • A brief overview of what will be covered on the first day.
  • Anything they need to bring and what will be provided.

Offer mentors
Enlisting the help of senior employees to help train and mentor new employees can be a great way to efficiently train them. This can also help senior members of the team continue to feel valued and can promote friendly relations and coworker connections.

Provide regular feedback
Constructive feedback can go a long way for new employees as you can correct any mistakes before they turn into habits. When giving feedback, you can avoid demotivating the new employee by providing both positive and negative feedback and focusing on their behaviour and not them.

Train for culture as well as practice
Ensuring that the new employee has the right practical information is obviously important, however, if your company has a certain culture it wants to uphold, you can also train them for this. For example, if your business focuses on being an eco-friendly office, demonstrate how that is done and what eco-friendly procedures are taken in the workday.


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