How to start and grow your own business blog

GENERAL NEWS 06 | 03 | 20

A website is no longer the only way to get your business more online visibility. Business blogs are now emerging as new and effective marketing channels in addition to main websites but rarely are they fully utilised as a connected business channel. Here are a few key steps to consider when building a successful business blog.

Use an existing blog builder:
There is no need to start from scratch when there are many low-cost and professional blog building tools available to you. These blog building platforms often have free trials and options for you to experiment with and can provide you with a variety of website templates to get you inspired.

Plan your content for your audience:
Before launching your blog, it is best to decide the type of content you want to create and who your target audience is. Whether your target audience is existing or potential clients, it is wise to plan out some categories of content you want to produce and a uniform writing style to apply across all your blog posts.

Blog frequently and consistently:
If you are just starting a new blog, it is important to attract as much traffic as you can to optimise your business' online presence and thus, it is best to blog frequently. Publishing blog posts frequently and consistently will increase your chances of attracting new clients through search engine activity.

Open your blog to interaction/shareability:
Similar to using social media, one of the main purposes of having a blog is to improve communication between you and your clients. By minimising the gap between you and your customers, your business can perform market research more accurately and gain a better sense of your clients' wants, any problems within the business and how you can better grow as a company. Make sure your blog includes interactive measures such as links to social media accounts and comment sections.


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