Introducing a new employee

GENERAL NEWS 10 | 12 | 19

Hiring a new employee is a time-consuming process that affects you, the company, and the team. It can often be especially nerve-wracking for the new employee starting a new job and joining a brand new team. It is therefore important to take steps to make the process easier on all parties affected.

One of the most effective ways to announce your new employee to the team is through an email. This ensures that all staff are aware of the new employee whether they are in the workplace that day or not. It is also a great way to have written relevant information that staff can refer back to. Introduction emails usually cover key details such as the new employee's full name, start date, job role, department, responsibilities, supervisor, professional and/or academic background, and perhaps an interesting fact about them. The email can also encourage other employees to welcome the new employee and say hello, making them feel welcomed and valued and providing a positive start to staff relationships.

If the team is small, you can also introduce your new employee by organising a meeting for everyone to meet face to face. This can be formal or casual. A meeting through a morning tea or lunch is a great way to gather staff in the same place and provide a positive atmosphere to encourage a warm welcome. This event would be casual enough that the new employee doesn't feel overwhelmed, but big enough that they feel valued and get the opportunity to introduce themselves to everyone.

The way you introduce a new employee often depends on the environment of your business. If the workplace is a bit less formal, you can announce the new employee's commencement on a staff Facebook group if you have one, instant messaging channels such as Slack, or noticeboards.

If your business has regular one on one interactions between the same staff member and client, it is a good idea to formally introduce the new employee to your clients. This can be done via email that provides the new employee's name, business details, and work experience. Good emails let the client know that they are appreciated for their time and patience and that they will still be supported as normal during this transition period. This can also be done through a social media post alerting your followers about the new employee which lets them know what is happening without direct one on one correspondence.


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