How to attract top talent

GENERAL NEWS 12 | 03 | 20

Do you work in an industry where there is a lack of talented staff despite the demand for it? How can you ensure that job-seeking talents will want to work with you over all the other businesses in the industry? Here are a few tips to boost your chances!

Personalise your recruitment process:
Talented candidates are no longer satisfied with detached, vague and uninteresting job advertisements. Your job description needs to be inviting to those in the job-hunting market who are sifting through hundreds of advertisements a day. The most effective way to do this is to address your candidates personally.

Ring them up upon receiving an application, talk to them about their experiences and accommodate for any needs they might have during the recruitment process (e.g. adjusting interview times and how an interview is conducted). Make sure to converse candidly with your candidates, try to get to know them beyond their professional qualifications, and earn a reputation having a considerate and interaction recruitment process,

Be clear and concise about what you have to offer:
Most job seekers are looking for jobs with certain conditions in mind. Whether this is a pay rate, the business location, expectations of further career opportunities, always try to be as clear and concise as possible when describing your open role and other important business details. By prioritising clarity and including specific expectations, only the most interested of job-seekers will contact you and apply for your job with full knowledge of how to do the job right.

Flexibility is key:
In order to attract the most talented of job-seekers, it can be more beneficial to prioritise the candidate's desires over the business'. Offering flexible working conditions such as adjustable working hours, accomodating work arrangements (e.g. standing desks) and work-from-home opportunities will incentivise potential talents to choose your organisation over others. Sometimes, these flexible working conditions may even convince talents to choose you over other businesses with higher salaries or other benefits.


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