Protecting your business from online scams

GENERAL NEWS 22 | 07 | 19

Protecting your business from any kind of threat is a priority. When it comes to online security, however, many owners are not practising secure measures to properly protect their business.

Online scamming and fraud is a lucrative industry, with large amounts of money being transferred to scammers under false pretences. Small businesses are unfortunately too often the target of online scamming and should practice a number of strategies to ensure their online security.

Keep personal details secure:
Protecting your personal details is important because scammers can use your information to target a specific scam towards your business, making it more believable or realistic. Be mindful of how much personal information is accessible on your website and social media profiles. Back up your content and avoid using public computers or hotspots where possible.

Ensure you are using password protection and that you choose your passwords carefully. An organisation-wide password policy can also go a long way in protecting businesses from online fraud. Passwords should not be shared between colleagues or used across multiple sites.

Practice caution:
Keep your wits about you when online. It is common for small businesses to receive fake invoices which can easily be paid if not enough attention is being paid. Keep records of everything and check the credibility of people who are contacting you online expecting some kind of financial transaction.

Take the time to educate your employees about the importance of not clicking on links in emails or messages, or opening attachments from people or organisations they don't know. Often scams will threaten immediate action, it is important that you and your employees stay calm and not overreact if a scam is intimidating.

Install appropriate anti-virus software:
Ensuring all technologies used for your business are protected from vicious spyware or malware is a necessary step when preventing online scamming from occurring. Do your research to find the best software for your business and your business needs. Be sure to read reviews before deciding on the software you will install.


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