Using Market Research To Boost Your Business

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Market research is an effective tool that can be used to boost your business in terms of sales, customer engagement and how your competitors may be performing. It allows you to make well-informed decisions that can potentially add value to your business.

When conducting market research, ensure that you are covering all of the potential areas that may affect how your business has been performing. This may include:

  • Customers
  • Competitors
  • Products or services
  • Suppliers
  • Business location and local area
  • Industry

Products & Services

Researching what your customer is looking for when it comes to your business’ products, services and interactions with them can be a simple way to get ahead of your competition. It can also provide you with an understanding of where you fit into the market for your customers, and how you differentiate from what your competitors are offering.

Market research can also assist in figuring out where you are positioned in the market in terms of your products or services being considered as high-end, competitive or a low-cost alternative to what your competition is offering. It can also aid in determining the anticipated demand of products by customers, so that you can adjust accordingly.


Conducting market research on suppliers can assist you in working out pricing of your products, whether or not you are getting the right price from your suppliers with regard to your orders and the overall quality of what suppliers deliver.


Collecting customer data through feedback, be it online (such as email, surveys) or analog (talking with customers, feedback forms), can be an invaluable insight into what your customers want from you. This style of direct customer research can assist in learning about what their needs are, what they’re willing to pay and the anticipated demand for your products. It can also assist in giving more information that you can use to better target your marketing efforts.


Investigating your competitors in business can assist you in understanding your position in the marketplace in comparison to them. This can assist in developing your marketing plan by understanding your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats and planning for how you can better use them. You can obtain this data through observation of your competitors marketing practices, networking with your competitors and through researching their presence on the internet (via websites, blogs or other social media).

Market research, when used effectively, can be a turning point in a business’s marketing plans, and assist them in planning their business’s future direction.


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