Making employees feel valued

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Statistics have shown that employees who feel valued are more motivated to perform their best. But how can a business make employees feel valued so that they can encourage this behaviour?


It can be as simple as letting employees know that they are valued. This can occur one-on-one or in group settings. Vocalising appreciation of an employee's work, as well as giving raises and bonuses are effective methods.


Giving employees positive feedback (more than negative feedback) is a great way not just to show appreciation, but also to foster an environment that allows constructive feedback as opposed to criticism.


Keep open lines of communication with your employees, and let them know what the plans for the organisation are, when and if, possible. This improves transparency, and lets employees know that they are trusted members of the business.

Right level of challenge

Designate tasks which show trust in an employee's capabilities. These tasks can build on employee's skills and encourage growth and development in areas where needed.

Attending to employee's and their needs is important in letting them know that they are valuable members. This will not only improve their morale, but in the end generate productivity.


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