Improving your LinkedIn presence as a business

Uncategorized 21 | 01 | 21

Although other social media platforms can be more casual, having a strong LinkedIn presence can be helpful to form partnerships and onboard skilled team members. The steps to building an engaging and professional LinkedIn page for your business is straightforward but will require you to put time aside for it. 

  • Profile image and banner: Your logo should always be the profile image. You can play around with the image of your banner depending on your brand identity – it can be sleek and stylish or actionable and engaging. Make sure that both of these fit the sizing requirements listed in LinkedIn
  • About us: The About us section should not be too long or difficult to read. Keep it engaging, snappy and accessible. It should tell the reader who you are as a brand, where you are based, what you offer, what your values are, what your brand voice is, how people should contact you. Don’t forget to maintain professionalism as LinkedIn is a professional space.  
  • Fill out the key fields: Connect links to your social media/website, add your address, details of your industry, company size. Filling out all of these will help LinkedIn show your page in response to relevant searches and make you more discoverable.
  • Create showcase pages: Your main page will give people an overview of the business, but if you have multiple services, then creating showcase pages will help zoom in on day-to-day activities of each service. This will help people engage with the aspect of your business that is most relevant to them. 

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