Employer liability in remote working conditions

LEGAL 25 | 02 | 21

Now that businesses must have a better idea of the working conditions they will be adopting in 2021, it’s ideal to consider how employer liability changes. 

The health and safety of employees in the workplace is the responsibility of the employer. Employers must protect their employees’ well-being, by taking into consideration the risks involved on the premises where employees work.

If there are employees who will be consistently working from home, or who usually work remotely, then there are some things that employers can do: 

  • Ensure that the work expected of employees from home can be done so with safety
  • Consider making changes to the task so that it can be done safely from home
  • Employees are equipped with the tools and equipment necessary to complete the work safely (this could also include ergonomic computer equipment)
  • Arrangements are made to instal heavy company equipment into the employee’s workspace safely rather than be left to the responsibility of the employee. 
  • Employees have been given the relevant information or been trained to operate all equipment provided to the employees with safety. 
  • Reasonable accommodations have been made for employees who might have disabilities in relation to the work employees are expected to perform. 
  • More steps are taken to ensure employees’ mental welfare

Employee welfare is particularly important when remote working is involved. This is because employees might have no contact with their co-workers and have limited scope. Try to find ways through which employees can interact with one another whilst working remotely. Further, ensure that employees can access mental health support easily if they need it.

Keeping these things in mind will not only protect employers from liability but ensure that employees are being productive. 


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