Difference between website and social media for businesses

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Businesses may be questioning whether they need to create a website if they have a social media presence. However, each plays a distinct role in the formation of a brand identity and therefore, both are important. 

Social Media

Social media is straightforward and simple to set up, with no maintenance costs. It allows businesses to build brand awareness and interact with their customers in a more casual and relaxed way. Social media is essentially an in-depth marketing strategy which allows for paid advertising and has the capacity to reach many prospective customers from across the globe. 

On the other hand, businesses could spend many hours working on content that does not end up reaching the expected audience. A lot of time is required to continually create and post content which receives engagement and loyalty from customers. Although there are no costs with having an account, if you want your content to be targeted to your audience, this requires payments which can be expensive. 

Although social media gives access to customers you might not have otherwise had access to, it is difficult to convert these interactions into sales or use of your business services.


Your website means you have full control of the platform. You can create a platform that reflects your business and your values. This also means that there are no external terms and conditions you are required to follow, instead, you determine those conditions. A website is also perfect for referrals, as it demonstrates professionalism and builds confidence in your business. 

Owning your own website means that you are able to track all incoming traffic and monitor the characteristics of your audience. This will provide you with a clear indication of what facilities you need to have on your website. 

However, maintaining a website that is heavy in content can be time and money consuming. There are also a lot more details to be weary about when it comes to marketing – but considering the amount of customisation you can have on a website, this is no surprise. Finally the design and set up of a website can be quite complex, and isn’t necessarily something you can or should tackle on your own. 

In summary, you should have both a social media presence and a website. Social media is an excellent marketing tool but a website is the heart of your brand’s online presence. 


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