Customer service strategies to avoid liability lawsuits

LEGAL 04 | 02 | 21

Implementing these customer service strategies will help your business avoid liability lawsuits

Conduct follow-ups during the project

During a project, both you and the client can get busy with running the business and making sure everything goes to plan. This means that your client may not have the time to contact you when an issue arises. Setting time aside that is allocated to checking in with them and verify that things are running smoothly will be beneficial in the long run. It will let you address any problems earlier rather than later so that you can take the right steps to avoid a lawsuit down the line. 

Keep clients updated about their project

Keeping your client in the loop helps build trust and means that you might have some leeway if something goes wrong. For example, consider a scenario where you have done all the work but one of your suppliers is late and prevents you from meeting a deadline. If your client has been kept up to date and knows that you have taken all the necessary steps, then not being able to meet a deadline is likely to be received better than abruptly telling them you’ll be late due to a third party (a lot less believable).

Collect and respond to feedback

At the end of a project, conduct formal or informal surveys to give your customers the opportunity to give you feedback. If you end up implementing feedback, let your customers know that you have done so!

Know when to invest time in hyper-personal contact

Not every customer that experiences an issue is going to bring a lawsuit against you. Some customers will need to be given more attention – follow them up, talk to them, carefully listen to their comments, etc. 


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