Building a social media strategy

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The right social media strategy can boost customer interaction and improve customer relationships. A social media strategy will help plan out the type of content that needs to be made, when it needs to be posted, and which platforms are best suitable for your business.

  1. What are your social media goals: What do you wish to achieve from your social media presence? Goals should be specific and measurable i.e. if your goal is to grow brand awareness, you can measure this by the amount of followers gained per week.
  2. Who is your target audience: Identify the age group that you are marketing your brand towards. This will be helpful to select the social media channel you focus on and you can create content which that group will interact with the most i.e. if your target audience is young adults, you might choose Instagram as your main channel, and create content that references different trends in social media.
  3. Which metric is most important to you: The number of likes for a post might not be relevant to your business, because this does not reflect the number of people who are utilising your business. Your metric might be the number of people that visit your website through social media, so you customise your social media promotions to show your website first.
  4. What is your social media timeline: Establishing a firm timeline for social media posts beforehand is extremely important. It allows you to create awareness and excitement about a new product or service before release. Ensure that your content is ready to go in advance so that you can stick to timelines.

All of these factors will determine your brand's online presence, the visual content and how you interact with customers online. Make sure you think about these factors beforehand.


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